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Clemens Smolders

Shanghai, China

  • Specialist countries
    • Japan
    • China
  • Areas of expertise
    • Sales training
    • Meeting skills
    • Management
    • Negotiation
    • Presentation
    • Leadership

Clemens Smolders specializes in training on Japan, mainly in the area of sales and management related skills, with follow-up assessment and training in the field.

He has over 25 years working experience in Asia (China, Japan and Korea) in increasingly senior managerial positions.

He has also been involved in the development, planning, implementation, and monitoring of tailor-made HRD training programmes for public and private institutions in China and Japan, including intensive intercultural training for EU researchers on a 2-year research period in China.

Clemens has extensive experience planning, implementing and monitoring individually-tailored exchange programmes (languages components) and internships for managers in Japan in the framework of the EU funded Executive Training Programme (ETP). He has also managed a multicultural team in China in the framework of the EU-science and Technology Fellowship Programme.

Clemens is a strong team player with very good communication skills for liaising and consulting with stakeholders at all levels in an intercultural setting of international organisations and the private sector.

Cultural background and experience

Clemens has always been interested in the dynamics of culture, which started during an 18-month stay in a Kibbutz in Israel, followed by nine years in the UK, with two years of summer work for Browndale in Canada. He then moved to Japan for 25 years, the last six combined with running a hobby farm (3 hectares) in New Zealand. Clemens has spent the last seven years in China, 4 years of which he was involved in leading an EU Science & Technology project with researchers from 27 EU countries.

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