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Marit Imeland Gjesme

Copenhagen, Denmark

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    • Denmark
    • Switzerland
    • Norway
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    • Communication
    • Integration support
    • Building company culture
    • Team-building
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Marit Imeland Gjesme offers training that runs the gamut from cultural capital mapping and assessments to coaching and includes workshops, team building, presentations/key note speeches and counselling regarding country and company cultures worldwide.

Her set of services and training programmes are based on three pillars: personal ‘cultures’ (achievement motivation and individual performance engine) as well as both organizational and national cultures. She typically begins with an investigation of participants’ overall cultural perspective using the Cross Culture Dialogue Mat to ensure optimal involvement and participation.

Marit brings broad global experience to the table. She has trained leaders in over 30 countries, as distinct as the US, Russia, China, India, Singapore, Estonia, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, the UK, Ukraine, Belgium, Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Croatia, Slovenia, Finland, Norway and Denmark. Her particular area of interest is improving understanding and communication in East-West mergers and acquisitions.

Optimising potential means cultural bridging

Marit was brought up in Norway where she began her international journey by studying the cultures and religious history of the Middle East and Asia in addition to her training as a psychologist. Since then, she has gone on to work for 7 years each in both Denmark and Switzerland. Throughout her career, she has led and trained international teams facing cross-cultural challenges, particularly those arising during mergers and acquisitions. She is dedicated to optimising the potential of people and teams, an effort that always includes cultural bridging. After years of leadership training and team building, she came to realise that enhancing cross-cultural communication and agility would be the key focus of her practice.

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