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Patrick Janssen

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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    • Team coaching
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After studying tropical forestry at Wageningen University, Patrick T.H.M. Janssen Msc. (born 1966) worked in the tropical rainforests of Ecuador. After several years of consultancy work for nature conservation organisations and the World Bank, he became increasingly focused on the combination of sustainability, nature conservation, entrepreneurship and tourism. During this time, he helped set up various Eco lodges in the Amazon rainforest. Returning to the Netherlands in 2001, he has been involved as an entrepreneur and consultant on sustainability in the construction and management of ecological hotels in South America and Africa with the goal of preserving vulnerable nature reserves. During his work abroad, he discovered that intercultural competences tended to be a decisive factor in ensuring the success of projects in the tropics, both for locals and expats.

Cultural background and experience

Since 2008, Patrick has been involved in the field of intercultural communication and delivers training courses and workshops to companies and organisations. He works as a teacher and developer of cross-cultural communication at the University of Applied Sciences (TIO) in Amsterdam and he also coaches international students and multicultural teams, along with starting entrepreneurs. His vision is that intercultural competence in the globalised world in which we live is an indispensable part of a successful organisation; Patrick has made it his mission to teach these competencies to entrepreneurs and employees at all levels in developing organisations to enable them to collaborate better internationally. Since 2013, he has worked with the Lewis assessment, guiding over 1,000 students and professionals with results of their assessment. Patrick can be contacted through his company greybeard.eu. In his spare time, Patrick can be found in a tango salon or backpacking across mountains, forests and rainforests.

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