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Iouri Bairatchnyi

Washington DC, USA

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Based in the Washington DC area, Iouri is currently Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Organizational Culture and Behaviour at Kent State University as well as a Managing Partner at IK Global Consulting. He has been associated with RLC since 2003.

From 1994 to 2011 he was Programme Manager at the World Bank's Human Resources Department. In this role he managed institutional programmes on Language and Culture Training and designed and implemented a training framework to assess and improve the organizational effectiveness of staff members, teams and units in a multi-cultural environment. He is a Board Member of several organizations including Duke Business school and the Global Languages Network. Iouri's areas of specialization and professional interests include Cultural Anthropology, Intercultural Communication, Team Building and Development, Organisational Development and Effectiveness and Business Communication Skill Acquisition.

Cultural background and experience

Iouri's whole life has been an endless journey through various cultures, countries, continents, and virtual reiterations of such. He was born into a fusion of Ukrainian and Russian cultures on former German soil - the former Koenigsberg, now Kaliningrad Russia. That was enough to start with, given the animosity between the two ethnicities; he grew up in East Germany, completed his education in Moscow, worked in Europe and, ultimately in the US, in the biggest melting pot of all - the World Bank - where practically every sizable culture is represented. He was able to travel the world and to work on almost all continents. Form early on he was fascinated with the question of who he was and how he got there. That has defined his current fascination with the issues of cultural and individual identity in the context of globalization and virtualization. Additionally, he is interested in the fusion of individual develompent, team sustainability and organizational health - across cultures and beyond borders.

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