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Ning Wang

Karlstad, Sweden

  • Specialist countries
    • Sweden
    • Norway
    • Finland
    • Denmark
    • Iceland
    • China
  • Areas of expertise
    • Negotiation

Ning Wang specializes in teaching Swedish business and government executives to understand Chinese culture and how to relate better to Chinese people and vice versa. How to do Business in China, How to Negotiate with Chinese Counterparts and How to Navigate Chinese Bureaucracy are just a few of her topics. She has worked with SMEs and top regional government officials, as well as a large scale, engineering/manufacturing multinational. She accompanies Swedes in China to provide real time advice, to interpret and participate in negotiations. She has guided Chinese business people to European cities whilst helping them to understand the various cultures. For another project, she worked as administrator on the Small Countries Financial Management Programme in Oxford, providing extensive cultural advice to government officials from 29 different countries.

Taking the Great Silk road to Sweden and back

Ning grew up in the remote Xinjiang province in the far Northwest of China, close to the Great Silk Road. Reading and the TV led to a fascination with the rest of the world and she dreamed of leading an international life. After university in Beijing, she spent six years at a Chinese company, facilitating the visits of foreign clients, before going on to work for the China Economic Times. A job with an NGO took her to Dhaka, Bangladesh where she acquired insider knowledge of South Asian Culture. After receiving her MA, Ning settled in Sweden where she works with the Värmland Chamber of Commerce and a major manufacturing company. She also provides cross-culture programmes in Chinese.

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