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Maarten Stal

Utrecht, The Netherlands

  • Specialist countries
    • Netherlands
    • Panama
    • Colombia
    • The Middle East
  • Areas of expertise
    • Leadership
    • Team-building

Throughout his career of 20+ years working in HR Maarten has developed a special interest in Training and Development. Having been at both the receiving and giving end of many training courses, he has turned slowly but steadily into a trainer and facilitator himself. His areas of expertise come from his own background in HR and Latin America. Since 2011 he has been working and living in Panama and has done workshops with The Metropolitan School of Panama and Minera Panama, a multinational mining company currently starting up South America’s largest copper mine. Maarten’s goal is to become Panama’s leading Cross Cultural expert and help the ever increasing expat community in Panama to deal with the inevitable culture shock and become effective and positive members of the multicultural business environment in Panama. His ambitions though don’t stop at the Panamanian border and include the Central American and Caribbean region as well.

Cultural background and experience

Being born and having lived in South America for a part of his youth probably explains Maarten’s fascination for Latin America. Being married to a Latin American woman explains a lot. After having lived and worked for some shorter or longer periods of time in countries such as Germany, France, the US and Colombia, Maarten got the opportunity to move with his family to Panama. Now he is fully exploiting his personal cross cultural experience, combined with his extensive experience in HR and training with Richard Lewis Communications in 2011, to support the large international (business) community in Panama to understand what it means to live and work there. Maarten’s study of law has taught him not to jump to conclusions straight away and to examine a problem from various view points before proceeding. This attribute undoubtedly helps him when examining and solving cross cultural issues.

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