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Karen Frost

Ross-on-Wye, UK

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Karen Frost describes herself as a leadership consultant and business coach. Prior to this role she worked for more than 20 years as a member of the senior team of organisations in the Finance, IT and Engineering sectors.

Since 2001 she has developed her skills to work with multinational corporates in learning and development; working closely with the HR Directors of MNCs to provide a wide variety of behavioural development and people skills to cross-cultural teams. Karen has a preferred supplier agreement with Mars Inc. and works in their four main hub sites of New Jersey, Slough, Haguenau, and Stupino, where she delivers executive coaching, high performance teamwork and leadership skills. The teams are always cross-cultural in make-up and often include participants from the USA, UK, most European countries, the former Soviet Union countries, China and India. In recent years Karen has developed her skills to run cross-cultural women in leadership programmes helping them to understand the skills of leadership from a feminine perspective. One of her most interesting pieces of work was running a coaching workshop in Nicaragua for the Latin American team - Department for International Development, UK Government.

Cultural background and experience

Karen has always been interested in different cultures and has travelled in a personal capacity to a wide variety of countries around the world including Uganda in Central Africa. Her first degree was in International Relations with Economics which raised her awareness of both the political and economic diversity around the world. Karen’s business expertise has been with multinational corporations and she has worked for, and consulted into, more than twenty corporations with ownership based in USA, UK, Sweden, Japan, France and Germany. In recent years she has combined her interest and understanding of cross culture by reading widely on the subject, training with Michael Gates on the Richard Lewis Model and joining a number of cross-cultural discussion groups through LinkedIn.

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