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Veiko Värk

Tallinn, Estonia

  • Specialist countries
    • Estonia
    • Latvia
    • Lithuania
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  • Areas of expertise
    • Communication skills
    • Influence skills
    • Conflict management
    • Negotiation
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After his law training at Tartu University, Veiko worked for three years as a lawyer at an international insurance company owned by Munich Re. His duties included representing ERGO Insurance Company in court and at the Insurance Court of Arbitration and negotiating to achieve profitable results. Next, he spent three years in Latvia as the director of the legal department an international insurance company owned by Norway’s biggest insurer Gjensidige Forsikring. He organized and dealt with all the international legal issues that the Estonian branch faced. Since 2007 Veiko has been a member of the Estonian Insurance Court of Arbitration which resolves insurance disputes before going to court. His role was to precede trials for the parties and make decisions in these disputes. Since 2011 he has been Director of the Training Department of the Student Council at Tallinn University.

Cultural background and experience

Estonia is a highly ’cross-cultural country’, having been subject to four other countries in its history - Germany, Russia, Sweden and Denmark. As an Estonian, Veiko experienced all these cultures to some extent and this inspired him to become involved in the cross-cultural field. His family is multicultural as well. His is Estonian and his mother Russian. Veiko feels that teaching cross-cultural communication is a perfect match for his personal education and experiences. Studying and practising Law has given him extensive knowledge and experiences in different legal cultures and efficient communication in that context. On the other hand studying Psychology has given him valuable knowledge about efficient communication in general that is successfully applicable in many countries if cultural differences are taken into consideration. During his studies Veiko participated in many international conferences and training sessions in several countries which enabled him to get to know many different cultures.

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