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Daniel Tschudy

Zurich, Switzerland

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    • Switzerland
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    • Globalisation
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Daniel Tschudy brings to his clients the necessary cultural intelligence for working in international relations and the global business environment. He focuses on shifts, both west to east, and north to south, with a particular emphasis on emerging markets in Africa, Arabia and Asia. In addition to management level consulting, expatriate coaching and CultureActive seminars, Daniel delivers keynote speeches about a variety of topics including: Crossing the Cultural Divide; Long-distance Leadership, Doing Business in the BRICS and Global Leadership 10 years from now. He regularly lectures at ZfU Business School Switzerland on long-distance management and is often invited to speak at the Academy of Hotel Excellence Switzerland where he discusses cultural behaviour in global hospitality. He is also a regular contributor to industry publications such as Events in Germany and the Handelszeitung in Switzerland. His book Doing Business with BRIC Countries is available in German.

Focusing on shifts, west to east, and north to south

Daniel is originally from Switzerland. A career spanning four decades in the global hospitality-industries led him to live and work in 8 different world metropolises, turning him into a true global citizen. in addition to his core industries of tourism and events management, he has amassed experience across a wide range of sectors. That is how he collated such substantial expertise about people and nations, about organisations and enterprises, and about how they all conduct their business across borders and across cultures. As he says, “I guess it is quite natural that I eventually found my way into cross-culture.” All of this translates into a wealth of CQ that Daniel Tschudy has to share.

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