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Kate Holroyd-Smith

Winchester, UK

  • Specialist countries
    • Chile
    • Colombia
    • Argentina
    • Cyprus
    • Greece
    • Pakistan
  • Areas of expertise
    • Presentation

Kate develops new markets (Pakistan, Cyprus, Greece, Luxembourg) for a professional UK body offering an internationally recognized and highly regarded professional qualification worldwide. She develops relationships at the most senior levels (CEOs, Charimen, MDs) with professional and financial services organisations, multinationals and professional bodies. Her work involves building relationships across cultures and presenting to clients and students in different countries. She understands the value and importance of recognising cultural differences in order to build relationships and work effectively with worldwide. As part of her experience Kate has developed not only strong interpersonal skills with other cultures but also strong international business and negotiation skills and created country specific sales and marketing strategies. Much of her international experience has entailed educating her UK counterparts, helping them understand how important it is to have cultural empathy and understanding in order to do business well in an international environment.

Cultural background and experience

Kate grew up as an expat, moving to a different country every few years (USA, Qatar, China, Netherlands). That shaped her adult life and led her to immerse herself in the international community. After graduating from the University of Manchester in Economics, she sought to return to the international world and she joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). Her first posting was to Venezuela as Third Secretary/Vice Consul, and experience in Latin Amercia gave her the opportunity to learn Spanish as well as to work with government ministries and NGOs and other Embassies. Later on, the search for a more creative environment took her to work in the media, selling television programmes and format concepts (such as Pop Stars, the fore-runner to Pop Idol and X Factor) in Western Europe, Latin America and Australasia.

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