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Martin Eggli

Zürich and Geneva, Switzerland

  • Specialist countries
    • Russia
    • China
    • Singapore
    • France
    • USA
  • Areas of expertise
    • HR management
    • Leadership
    • Team-building

Martin Eggli has spent a lifetime as a HR professional. That translates into more than 30 years’ experience in domestic and international jobs and assignments, both on the operational and strategic sides of the equation, in the industrial and banking sector. He’s found that being based in the german- and french speaking part of Switzerland (Zurich/Geneva), has brought him broad exposure to a variety of cultures. Over the years, he has had the opportunity to observe that many of the issues and challenges that he has had to face - both professionally and privately - have been rooted in different cultural backgrounds.

He says that cross-culture was always key to his positions as a global HR Director, supporting companies with employees located in every part of the world. With some cultures, for example in the Asia-Pacific region, he finds that the biggest handicap is not language but the differing belief systems about time, success, teamwork, work ethics and life goals. Over the two decades, many of his staff have had cross-cultural training and his managers are fully conversant with the concepts and use the CultureActive tools actively. In fact, cross-cultural issues are often a topic of discussion in meetings or projects like M&A - the awareness process needs to be embeeded in the culture of the operations, and is not only one-time training.

The better the understanding, the better the collaboration and the desired result.

Martin has travelled extensively world-wide. He’s lived in Russia. A big part of this HR career spanning across countries and continents, has taught him that a manager cannot avoid becoming familiar with the issue of cross-culture.

He believes that the cultural component of any challenge must be addressed early in the problem-solving process. It is time well spent that will bring paybacks later on in the process.

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