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Alexander Kosov

Moscow, Russia

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Alexander Kosov has been working in cooperation with Richard Lewis Communications (RLC) since 1991 and he is authorized to represent RLC’s interest in Russia. He holds seminars and workshops on various cross-cultural and communicational issues in both Volgograd and Moscow and overseas. He is developing a network of Cross-Cultural and Language Centres in Russia and also working on the project ’Russian Expertise’ in collaboration with RLC. He is also Director of Stupeny Ltd which runs educational projects: seminars, trainings and coaching.

As a Russian national, professional linguist and experienced international businessman, Alexander is exceptionally well qualified to advise western business people on what they need to know about the vital cultural issues involved in doing business with the Russians, the Byelorussians and the Ukrainians – how better to communicate with them and understand what makes them tick – leading to doing business more effectively.

Cultural background and experience

As well as his native Russian, Alexander speaks English, French and Ukrainian. He has a PhD in Linguistics and from 1980 to 1990 he was Professor and Chair in Foreign Languages at the University of Volgograd. Alexander also has substantial experience as a businessman at international level, acquired during the years when the business scene in Russia was transformed. This included being Deputy Managing Director of a RussianSwedish Joint Venture from 1990 to 2002, when he operated on both sides of the cultural boundaries. During this time he was also Managing Director of a Russian supermarket chain.

He has published over 30 articles on Cross-Cultural aspects in the Journal ’Valyutny Spekulyant’ and in 2007 he wrote a book on cross-cultural communication “A flashlight for an alien soul".

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