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Valérie Berset-Price

Portland, Oregon, USA

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Valérie Berset-Price is the President and Founder of Professional Passport, a consulting firm that specializes in international trouble-shooting and cross-cultural mediation for companies invested in doing business on an international scale.

Her “Global Awareness Program” (G.A.P.) brings the international business context into focus, bridging cultures to succeed in today’s market place. Valérie has presented in Morocco in front of the World Customs Organization (WCO); the U.S. Embassy of Santiago, Chile; the Intel WIN Conference; the Software Quality Conference of New York; the Global Supply Management Conference of Las Vegas, etc. She has been a guest lecturer at China Foreign Affairs University, Shanghai School of Customs, Beijing Normal University, University of San Diego, Portland State University, University of Portland and Oklahoma State University.

Training for quicker interaction across cultures

Valérie is a dual citizen of the USA and Switzerland. She holds degrees in International Business from Switzerland and International Relations from the Monterey Institute of International Studies, California. She speaks five languages and has lived all over the world. She worked for Swiss, Taiwanese, South African, Brazilian, and US companies before starting her own practice.

After so many years living abroad, especially in South America, she has evolved from being highly Linear-Active to being Multi-Active. Her work, as well, forces her to be people and relationships oriented.

This extensive background in international business development and intercultural problem solving makes Valérie an expert at pinpointing why global projects fail.

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