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Charlotta Brynger

Gothenburg, Sweden

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    • Women in international business
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Charlotta is a full-time cross-cultural trainer in business and international cooperation. She provides tailor designed training for a wide array of business and communication addressing needs such as global influences on organizational development, multicultural teams, virtual teams, status across cultures and leadership. Charlotta’s clients are found within the international commerce, pharmaceutical, automotive, gas & oil industries. She is a guest lecturer at the University of Gothenburg and a trainer at a leadership training institute as well as working with the West Sweden Chamber of Commerce. Her training approaches business from a mostly Swedish perspective, however, having lived in the US, France, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy, she can also cover other, primarily European, perspectives as well.

Other professional areas of interest are international relations, politics, and economics. She loves language, having taught French and English and has fully mastered seven languages.

Cultural background and experience

Of Swedish origin Charlotta has lived and worked abroad for 16 years and continued working with an international perspective after her return to Sweden. She has experience from an intercultural working environment, both within sales, project management and as part of a multicultural team in a global non-profit organization. In addition she has been involved with many European projects stretching across Europe.

She has been active, both as organizer and speaker, in the 2015 conference of The Swedish Network of Intercultural Communication, SNICC, a networking platform for academics and practioners in industry and business.

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