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Perry Willemse

Rotterdam, Netherlands

  • Specialist countries
    • European Union
    • Far East
  • Areas of expertise
    • Business consultancy
    • Business competence
    • Business development
    • Negotiation
    • Presentation
    • Leadership
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Doing business in your own local environment is challenging enough, let alone working together with other countries or cultures. Perry Willemse can serve as a mirror to shine light on any intercultural communication bottlenecks hindering your operations.

Perry, in conjunction with the RLC team, will bring a wide range of different business models, training programmes and strategies to your doorstep. They will interact with you and come to understand your needs so that they can adapt those tools specifically for you. They will then go on to support you in your quest for the highest rate of success.

Helping detect and overcome cultural obstacles

During his career as an International Sales Manager, Perry has worked with companies in more than 45 countries worldwide and has done business in over 100 different cultures. He specialises in international trade and in navigating the practical complications that arise when dealing with transnational customers. He has considerable experience leading international teams to meeting their objectives by delivering products and services. Specifically, he has worked as global sales manager in OEM, MRO and B2B environments. His skills have been further perfected by reporting to CEO's and Directors from the US, the Netherlands, Great Britain, China, Taiwan & India.

This background has made Perry particularly able to understand and adjust strategic tools to a range of market segments and economic circumstances. Moreover, he has developed a talent for detecting and overcoming cultural obstacles in multicultural relationships.

He would like to share his passion for working with different cultures and to broaden his experience in building relationships in ever-expanding global environments.

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