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Lenni George

Warwick, UK

  • Specialist countries
    • United Kingdom
    • Italy
  • Areas of expertise
    • Train the trainer
    • Negotiation
    • Presentation
    • Leadership
    • Team-building

With training and organisational development spanning more than 25 years, Lenni George has worked with people from more than 140 countries. She works across the pubic and private sectors in three broad areas: training, facilitation and organisational development consultancy. She often trains trainers but she also delivers training in gender and diversity, management and leadership, communication skills, negotiation and change management, just to give you a taste of her fields of expertise. Facilitation is different. She often takes boards or senior management teams on retreats in order to clarify their vision and mission and to examine company strategy. She also provides team building and team development services. Her organisational consultancy includes working with small and medium businesses to develop their sustainability, as well as working with local government entities to improve their service delivery and develop their performance targets.

Children learn quickly the right cultural approach

Growing up between Cyprus and England meant learning how to operate in two different cultures. In one, dinner was a time to talk, for all the family to sit together, pick from different plates and spend two hours reflecting on life, love and the day. Dinner in the other was eaten in almost total silence and the idea was to quickly empty your plate and be excused from the table. Fortunately children learn relatively quickly the right cultural approach, as the wrong one might have dire consequences. Today, Lenni watches her teenage daughter grow up in Italy thinking she is English and, at least in part, Cypriot. Her cultural collisions with her English husband lead her to reflect on the advantages and disadvantages of growing up across cultures and assimilating some cross cultural competences. As the world is getting smaller and smaller, people cross national boundaries so much more easily, which increases the potential for linguistic and cultural collisions.

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