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Nicole Brandes

Zurich, Switzerland

  • Specialist countries
    • China
    • Switzerland
  • Areas of expertise
    • Coaching
    • Presentation
    • Leadership
    • Team-building

Nicole has 18 years’ experience in the top management echelons of leading international corporations. She was the youngest delegate of the top management at Swissair and also an executive at UBS. She later went on to successfully reposition the oldest Bank of Switzerland. She now works to bring a global mindset to her clients: she empowers them to empower others. Her keynotes focus on topics such as why cultures clash, the meaning of power and hierarchy across cultures, cross-cultural concepts of health and how to decodify the Chinese in order to enhance business. Her strategic coaching allows her to encourage leaders to identify and harness their inner motivation. Her goal is to win enhance leaders powers to lead people by encouraging connection. “I believe that we first have to win people before we can win business. I believe to win them, we need to have the courage to connect with them.”

Making the invisible visible

Nicole found several years ago that the increasingly globalised marketplace was negatively impacting her goals. She wasn’t reaching her goals as easily anymore. That prompted her to delve deeply into the question of cross-cultural communication, to seek to unravel the culture code so that she could so that she continue to meet her goals and help her clients meet theirs. Nicole Brandes is a trained culturalist who is educated in strategic management, communication and coaching. Always inquisitive, she spent eight years learning the success strategies of Taoism with Chinese Grandmasters because,with her Asian and European heritage, she not only speaks about the global mindset, she lives it.

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