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Eva Knappe

Göttingen, Germany

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Eva is a global business trainer and consultant with more than 20 years of international management experience. She holds an engineering degree in material science from the University of Erlangen/Nürnberg and worked several years for different multinational industrial enterprises. Today she supports professionals and executives in technology-oriented companies. She provides tailor designed training courses in sales, leadership and team building in combination with business related cross-cultural topics, as well as training modules for effective communication and general cultural awareness.

As an engineer she is used to working and succeeding in a very male dominated environment. With this background knowledge she offers special assertiveness and leadership training courses for female managers and supports business women in their careers.

Cultural background and experience

Eva was born in Germany and like most German engineers she started her career in the technical department. When she joined a multinational company and took over international responsibilities in sales, she was confronted with many different nationalities and cultures. She worked with colleagues, clients and business partners worldwide and cross-cultural issues became just another part of her daily routine: working in global and virtual teams, negotiating across cultures, holding meetings with international participants, giving presentations for people of different nationalities, leading multinational teams…Not everything went smoothly and she learned how necessary it is to be able to deal with intercultural issues. Eva now knows that cross cultural competence is vital for success in sales and leadership in today’s global marketplace and she wants to share that skill with her clients.

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