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Hemant Rangan

York, United Kingdom

  • Specialist countries
    • India
    • United Kingdom
    • USA
    • Malaysia
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  • Areas of expertise
    • Negotiation
    • Presentation
    • Leadership
    • Team-building

With fifteen years’ experience leading Indian and multi-cultural teams in British, American, Malaysian, Swiss, Thai, French, Spanish, Latin American, Chinese and Japanese contexts, Hemant Rangan is ideally suited to enhance the channels of communication between Indian companies and their clients by boosting relationships, building harmony and thereby maximising productivity. He has worked in sectors ranging from insurance, to e-commerce, banking and manufacturing. Each of his training, coaching and consultancy initiatives is informed by his expertise in organisational structure and offshore models and their interactions with culture. Projects have ranged from providing in-house training to improve day-to-day operational relationship management, to designing corporate strategies in cross-cultural management, and consulting for specific issues including negotiation in deadlock situations. In each endeavour, he has aided his clients to overcome cultural barriers caused by different perceptions of time and truth, thereby bringing in trust, leading to increased productivity and cost effectiveness.

Cultural background and experience

Hemant's involvement in Cross cultural communication was kindled 15 years back when the organisation he was working for almost lost a massive project due to cultural miscommunication. That marked the start of his proactive study of cross-culture. Although initially an I.T. manager, this change in focus allowed Hemant to incorporate his keen interests in languages, psychology, history, theology and anthropology. Since that turning point, he has worked in India, The UK, The USA, Switzerland and Malaysia. His multinational teams have included the U.K's largest I.T. Programme Wagner and Aviva's reattribution programme which was represented in the U.K parliament. He also successfully led Lloyds Bank separation teams responsible for the sale of branches in Uruguay and Japan. This wealth of experience has not only been conducted in English, but also in eight Indian languages, including Spanish and Malay, which he has picked up along the way.

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