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Daphne Pels

The Hague, The Nethetlands

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Daphne Pels is an intercultural trainer and specialist in the field of Southeast Asian cultures. She trains entrepreneurs and expatriates to communicate with people from another culture. Daphne has a BA in International Relations and an MA in Asia Pacific studies. She is a certified Personal Development Coach and has more than 18 years’ experience in doing business abroad. Besides having lived in Southeast Asia for 8 years, Daphne worked closely with professionals from all over the world, particularly from Japan, China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, the Emirates, Cameroon, Congo, the USA and within Europe. Daphne speaks more than 5 languages, including fluent Thai.

"There are countless lists with do's and don ' t's about cultural habits in countries available on the Internet, but those give such little information about a culture’s ‘unwritten rules’. If you want to be successful, you truly need to connect with people, through mutual trust and respect. Intercultural awareness and in depth knowledge about other cultures, are key here. It’s all about developing your own cultural sensitivity and finding the right balance! "-Daphne Pels, M.A.

Cultural background and experience

Her experience began in 2001 as a Foreign Affairs Manager at hospital chain Bangkok Dusit Medical Services, training local medical staff on how to communicate with foreign patients and overseeing business development for the Asia Pacific region, the EU and the Emirates. This experience, along with working as Country Manager at Parkway Healthcare taught her about the cultural differences within Southeast Asia and how to deal with business partners from other continents.

Returning to the Netherlands in 2006, she joined the Dutch Trade Promotion Department where she coached entrepreneurs in intercultural business communication skills, lectured at The Hague University for Applied Sciences and Tio University in Rotterdam. In 2012, Daphne founded Asia Expat Coach, a training agency specialising in expatriates relocated to Southeast Asia then in 2017 she founded her company Connect2Culture, providing intercultural communication training and coaching to entrepreneurs, GOs and expatriates.

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